Our vision

Predictive analytics takes your BI-initiatives to the next level, where beyond what happened and why it did.

Your BI-solutions help you to understand what will (or is the most likely to) happen: predictive analytic techniques are linked to business objectives and help people understand based on evidence, what influences, will lead to which business outcome, regardless the area of application.

Customer analytics is at the heart of the Chief Marketing Officer’s business, as well as people analytics in the area of Human Capital Management-initiatives. These are perfect examples of business departments which by nature will highly benefit from predictive analytics by combining transactional and non-structured data through various techniques.

Your benefits

  • Customer intimacy by proposing tailored ‘next best offers’, or targeted offerings and product info
  • Customer satisfaction through high employee wellbeing
  • Actionable and evidence-based insight
  • Predictive analytics builds the basis to further evolve into a prescriptive outcome 

Our added value

Micropole has a large customer base, all of them serving their respective customers. Beyond being a technology partner, we offer business insight and industry best practices applied.

Domains such as retail, production, transportation, utilities all can benefit from our expertise gathered across industries, where solutions and business comprehension are more important than just technology.

Definitely, in the area of Human Capital Management, Micropole has a historically strong link with universities as well as the start-up ecosystem, resulting in pragmatic yet innovative people analytics solutions portfolio.

Our Business Areas

  • Customer analytics (Sales and Marketing)
  • People Analytics (HR)
  • Financial Analytics (Planning/forecasting)
  • Logistics Analytics (Planning/forecasting)

Generate accurate predictions and cost-effective strategic decisions!

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