Our Vision

An Enterprise BI platform covers all required and managed information for a business to move forward: strategic, tactical and operational levels. The users can access the platform at any time and anywhere to either consolidate or share insights.

In our belief, the enterprise BI platform is the key pillar to share and communicate trusted information within a company. We help companies to structure, manage, produce relevant data and share it within the easiest and most appropriate way, as departments consume data differently.

But in a relentless evolving environment, the challenge for business management is to be able to develop a scalable infrastructure while simultaneously implementing technical solutions, handling daily issues (performance, data quality, etc.), and cutting IT costs.

Your benefits

  • Get accurate data, real-time updates, trending and forecasting means and predict “what-if” scenarios within a structured and trustful environment
  • Take quicker decisions thanks to an optimized model
  • Access business metrics reports whenever and wherever you need them
  • Ensure one single version of the truth throughout your company
  • Put in place an easy to use customer-oriented environment
  • Gather insight on your company’s position within its specific context 

Our Added Value

Microple’s team has more than 20 years of experience with BI solutions.

Our passion for data and our highly skilled experts enable our customers to re-position their BI platform environment and adjust it to the new emerging big data concept. We guide you through all the steps of your project enabling you to expand your window of opportunities thanks to your new BI/Big Data environment.

How we can help you

We bring you added value as from our first meeting.

With our help, you will better outline the vision of your project, define the important points of attention during the implementation and have a clear view on existing solutions. Furthermore, you will benefit from our experienced advice on change management and support set up.

Our expert’s vision, methodology, and pragmatism enables any type of business or department to quickly benefit from a customized solution. So let’s be creative together and bring you an optimal ROI!

Be ahead of the curve too, thanks to an agile Data-driven Business.

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