Our Vision

New practices ushered in by the digital revolution have created a real opportunity for businesses to transform themselves and improve their performance.

E-marketing offers true added value when faced with new market challenges and marketing needs:

  • ROI
  • Visibility and communication
  • Maximum sales
  • Client experience and relationship
  • Client knowledge
  • Time-To-Market

Through our expertise, we can guide you through your digital transformations and the development of innovative systems.

Our solutions

The digital technology and data are driving a revolution: we entered a new era, with hyper-connected lives, nonstop information flows, the Internet of Things (or Internet of Everything), unending innovations, and a continuous evolving business ecosystem. Big Data is key to a company's critical issues, as long as we know how to collect it and correctly use it. 

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Predictive analytics takes your BI-initiatives to the next level, where beyond what happened and why it did. Your BI-solutions help you to understand what will (or is the most likely to) happen: predictive analytic techniques are linked to business objectives and help people understand based on evidence, what influences, will lead to which business outcome, regardless the area of application.

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Our Clients

Our Partners

Micropole works in close collaboration with the most successful and innovative software companies in the market. Our experts know the best solutions from these leading companies, which allows them to provide objective consulting services regarding the existing selection of tools and develop concrete tailored business solutions.

We are proud to be partners of:

Amazon Web Services, Oracle, IBM, SAP, Jalios, Jahia, Sinequa, iTesoft, Webtrends, exalead, eZ, Synabase, Digimind, Reboard, PolySpot, Update, Microsoft, IBM WebSphere Commerce, Magento, hybris software (SAP), Oracle ATG Web Commerce, BroadVision, Compario, Planet World, Oxid eshop, Drupal Commerce, RBS Change, for their e-commerce solutions.


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