Our vision

Advanced analytics, agile data exploration, algorithms, real-time, new business requirements. 

BI managers and CIO’s are under pressure. The main reason for these changes? Data! It is now critical to gain competitive advantages. How to best address these challenges?

Thanks to the optimal management of these Data. BI is evolving, we are too. In that sense, Micropole launched its new business called Data Value Management, dedicated to this “new BI”.

Our solutions

We categorized the DVM approach in three offerings:

Predictive analytics takes your BI-initiatives to the next level, where beyond what happened and why it did.

Your BI-solutions help you to understand what will (or is the most likely to) happen: predictive analytic techniques are linked to business objectives and help people understand based on evidence, what influences, will lead to which business outcome, regardless the area of application.

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We allow you to view your business in a new light, free from the complexity and diversity of the data sources. We support the top advanced Data Visualization solutions, help you produce data explorations & visualizations and make you benefit from high quality consulting services.

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Micropole’s expertise enables you to build your “new BI” vision and roadmap, target architectures, manage the Big Data challenges and identify cloud opportunities. Micropole regularly accomplishes studies, roadmaps and proof of concepts.

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We work in total independence with the most innovative and high-performing vendors on the market.

Our experts master the best market solutions, which enables them to offer their technical consulting services in tool choice phases with complete objectivity.  

In partnership with the group’s Research & Innovation department, we have selected and implemented a specific strategy with some vendors for the performance and the particularly innovative nature of their solutions.

We are especially proud to be partners of Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, CloudWatt, TableauSoftware , Qlick, DataWatch, Talend.


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