Our vision

The business analytic application is designed to make it easier to manage your company's business. It meets the specific needs of your users by allowing them to automate tasks associated with your business.

Developing a business analytic application is becoming increasingly more popular because it allows for custom-made solutions that fit into your company's existing structure and processes.

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Your benefits

We offer reliable and intuitive user-friendly solutions :

  • Reusing existing components to minimize costs
  • Cloud-compatible to address today's challenges and future expectations
  • Capable of interfacing with your existing solutions (ERP, CRM, and other business applications and databases)
  • Using your fixed computer equipment (PCs) as well as mobile devices (Linux, Windows, iOS, and Android)
  • Evolving over time with your business needs and kept in operating condition by our teams

Our added valuE

We create a solution specifically for you that perfectly suits the particular features of your business. We deploy this solution to your work environment so that it integrates perfectly with your information system. You thus have an efficient and scalable management tool that lets you manage your entire business. 

We design and integrate management applications covering your company's various functions (sales, finance, etc.).

Our Solutions

An application with specific dashboards to simplify the view of all information regarding finance.

A dashboard, based on the information provided by LinkedIn, enabling the user to check all relevant information in one view: followers (employees vs non employees, followers overview, insight and localization)

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