Our vision

It is crucial to align the architecture of the information system with the business strategy, and its underlying processes. This is the key to ensure a successful development of the organization. But where do you start? What will be your immediate benefits?

In today's world, agility and cutting costs are key objectives for IT departments. Micropole offers a full range of services in this area:

  • Support enterprise architectures
  • Define the master plan and implement service-oriented exchange architectures
  • Secure access to the IS using the solutions and best practices of our software publisher partners



Your benefits

There are many advantages of a local planning and development process. Implementing Enterprise Architecture solutions promotes:

  • Faster planning and development of the information system
  • Increased overall productivity by removing barriers between application silos
  • Set-up of sustainable architectures that are agile and responsive to business challenges
  • Streamlined identity and access management for the entire information system

Our Added Value

Listening attentively

  • Listen to you and gain an understanding of the existing system
  • Document your needs and collect information
  • Understand your motivation and the reason for the project

Understanding your perspective

  • Step back and interpret your expectations, constraints, and objectives
  • Formalize your needs

Working together

  • You have the business expertise
  • We provide the technological expertise
  • A firm commitment to results (time, cost, and deliverable)
  • Expertise in today's technologies (SOA, ESB, MDM, Cloud, ETL, …)

How we can help you

The information system drives differentiation and adapts quickly and continuously to changing business needs. With this in mind, we can make the information system:                      

More agile in order to align the organization's needs by supporting

you in:

  • The selection of software architectures, POC
  • Your Cloud strategy (private/public, IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS), performance testing
  • Synchronizing data throughout various applications, while at the same time assuring its quality


Documenting your needs, writing specifications and bids, and examining tenders:

  • Mapping of existing applications and systems
  • Updating your legacy applications while protecting past investments
  • Establishing KPIs to monitor the performance of implemented changes.

Consolidate corporate decision-making between IT and business!

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