Go Cloud & Security by Micropole

The cloud is becoming the reference for business strategic projects. At the same time, the adoption of new technologies transforms the governance and security solutions already in place.

Our vision

The very rapid digital transformation and innovation processes initiated by companies on an enormous scale involve massive migrations to the Public Cloud. This promises them many benefits such as performance, agility, flexibility and ultra-fast deployments. At the same time, servers, storage, backup and application management are gradually disappearing from corporate data centers, which themselves are shrinking gradually.

Besides, the deployment of new technologies such as the Cloud, IoT, AI, and BYOD strongly impacts the cyber-exposure of companies. The perimeter to be controlled, the organization of teams, the visibility, prevention and protection tools, and the security governance also experience this impact.

To meet the new requirements of these two strong market trends, Micropole's Go Cloud & Security teams offer their clients auditing, architectural consulting, technical assistance and training services. Their goal? To help them migrate to the cloud and to support them more broadly in defensive and offensive global security for all of their IS and existing tools.

Our Solutions


Micropole supports you in your evolution towards the cloud.

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Micropole helps you meet the new challenges of cybersecurity.

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