While each company’s cloud needs may be unique, the journey to finding the right blend of resources shares many commonalities across industries. At Micropole, a team of experts is dedicated to finding the right resources and approach for your business and what your business needs.


How does Cloud Computing help my business?

Transitioning to the Cloud is a big step for any organization, especially businesses looking for a cost-effective yet efficient way to store, manage and maintain various workloads.

Micropole understood very early that the Cloud would be a radical change in the way businesses can consume computing resources. This would allow them to focus on what really mattered: the creation of value for their customers and the drastic reduction of time and money spent to maintain heavy infrastructure and software components.

Why should my business choose to migrate our data to the Cloud?


Bringing your data to the Cloud, building agile analytics at scale, delivering governed information to your entire corporation while meeting compliancy, regulatory and budget constraints.

But why did Micropole look to the Cloud’?
Micropole quickly identified the collecting and processing of data as one of the best workload candidates for the Cloud, providing numerous benefits for businesses while doing so.

The Cloud is extremely efficient in offering highly available storage services at scale. Quickly, the services related to the integration and processing of data, reached a very workable and positively sized maturity level on major Cloud platforms such as AWS - Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

That’s when Micropole made its natural inclination towards Cloud Computing and started to develop specific service offerings that could help our customers smoothly adopt this latest model.

Go Cloud & Security by Micropole

The cloud is becoming the reference for business strategic projects. At the same time, the adoption of new technologies transforms the governance and security solutions already in place.

Our vision on Cloud & Security for your business

The very rapid digital transformation and innovation processes initiated by companies on an enormous scale involve massive migrations to the Public Cloud. This promises them many benefits such as performance, agility, flexibility and ultra-fast deployments. At the same time, servers, storage, backup and application management are gradually disappearing from corporate data centers, which themselves are shrinking gradually.

Besides, the deployment of new technologies such as the Cloud, IoT, AI, and BYOD strongly impacts the cyber-exposure of companies. The perimeter to be controlled, the organization of teams, the visibility, prevention and protection tools, and the security governance also experience this impact.

To meet the new requirements of these two strong market trends, Micropole's Go Cloud & Security teams offer their clients auditing, architectural consulting,a technical assistance and training services. Their goal? To help them migrate to the cloud and to support them more broadly in defensive and offensive global security for all of their IS and existing tools.

Our offers to help you migrate successfully & safely to the cloud


Micropole supports you in your evolution towards the cloud.

Discover our GO CLOUD offer.


Micropole helps you meet the new challenges of cybersecurity.

Discover our GO SECURITY offer.

What are the benefits of advanced analytics for my business?

Advanced data analysis capabilities have allowed teams of all sorts of businesses to improve operations by reducing cost and increasing quality. It helps everyone make better, more informed decisions, backed by the data to prove it.

But, transitioning to the Cloud can be a complicated undertaking. That’s why getting the right guidance you need for your business is crucial. And when it comes to Cloud & Data, Micropole is proud to be the right hand of many businesses along their unique journey.

So how do I get started and which Cloud Computing platform should I choose?

When it comes to choosing the right cloud computing platform and cloud computing services, you need all the possibilities available so you can find the right solution for your needs.

At Micropole, our agnostic approach allows us to look at your business challenges and create a personal plan, adapted to the strategy and needs of your company. This allows you the choice of provider(s) and tool(s) best suited for your business needs.

Our Cloud Partners - AWS & Microsoft

Micropole has been a partner of AWS - Amazon Web Services for over 4 years and has recently reached the level of Advanced Consulting Partner. With plans to reach the Premier Level in 2021, you can rest assured our experts are all-in on the latest and most advanced AWS technologies available.



  • 1. You can meet the needs of any workload.
  • 2. You can decrease your time to answers.
  • 3. You have the right resources at your disposal to run whatever analysis is most appropriate for your specific need.
  • 4. As you move to more advanced ML approaches, your data will be in the right place and format to take full advantage of the ML stack.

Micropole is a Microsoft Gold Partner and offers you the possibility of choosing their Cloud platform Microsoft Azure for your projects as well. With a young and enthusiastic team, experienced in Azure and its capabilities, your Cloud Computing projects are in safe and capable hands.


  • 1. You will be able to bring all the data together that your business needs.
  • 2. You’ll be able to keep your organization’s data indefinitely, no matter the size.
  • 3. You can provide a personalized experience to your customers based on current and historical data.
  • 4. You’ll be able to create a more cost-effective supply chain.

Do you have a question about another Cloud provider? Don’t hesitate to ask our experts about them! Contact us today and let’s get you into the Cloud, together.

Cloud & Data by Micropole

Bringing your business into the future with advanced analytical capabilities in the Cloud, that's what the lead practice Cloud & Data is all about.

Our offers to help you leverage your data in the cloud

Advanced Analytics in the Cloud with AWS & Azure
Micropole helps you build highly scalable Enterprise Data Platforms in the Cloud with AWS & Azure.

The AI-Ready Enterprise
Micropole helps you become an enterprise that is truly ready for Artificial Intelligence.