Tuesday 7 December 2021

John Cockerill - A hybrid solution to strengthen its operational excellence

John Cockerill has opted for better performance management across the company, with the support of Micropole, which specializes in the field of digital transformation.

With its global presence, one of the major challenges for John Cockerill is to guarantee the most effective collaboration possible in a whole series of major business processes. Hence the choice made in 2020 to digitize in all areas. This, in order to make the organization more agile and to take even better care of their talents, partners, and customers.


With this in mind, the company chose to collaborate with the Finance Transformation & Performance department of Micropole. Why? Because our company has the dual characteristic of mastering the SAP technological platform and offering excellent knowledge of the business. This dual approach is what set us apart from other competitors and ensured the best possible outcome for this massive Digital Transformation project.


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