Wednesday 12 May 2021

Tomorrow Services joins the Micropole Group

Tomorrow Services, which can now be called Micropole Luxembourg, joins the group with the ambition of strengthening its position as an expert in the field of data.


Micropole Luxembourg is a Luxembourg service company specializing in data. The quality of its consultants and expertise is already well recognized by all of its clients, mainly made up of large institutions in Luxembourg, but also smaller companies. Its clients have been supported in the implementation of important strategic projects related to data management, for more than 6 years. 


Rely on the know-how of the Micropole group to infuse innovation 

The founders of Tomorrow Services have decided to join Micropole to increase innovation opportunities for their customers and the Luxembourgish market. 


Today, Micropole Luxembourg will not only continue to offer its original expertise, that is to say, data management - it will also deliver new solutions to its customers in 4 main areas: 

  • Digital transformation, 
  • Performance management, 
  • Innovation through analytics in the cloud, 
  • Data governance. 

Micropole Luxembourg wants to be a player in innovation and advise on analytical strategies for its clients, helping them to make the most of their data assets. 



Would you like to know more about Micropole Luxembourg and its new services?

Contact Yoan Moos, Managing Director, directly via: 

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