Tuesday 16 March 2021

Micropole announces its new vision for 2021 & launches their new Microsoft Analytical CoE with the arrival of Wim Haedens

In this interview Paul Kaisin (General Manager at Micropole BeLux) and Wim Haedens (Director of the Microsoft Analytical CoE at Micropole BeLux) share their vision on the current analytics landscape and Micropole’s latest analytical services.


The interview conducted by Alain de Fooz from Solutions Magazine, showcases both Paul and Wim’s passion for their plans to bring even more added business value to their clients.


How? By using best practices combined with the latest technology to help our customers become truly data-driven organizations.


Paul Kaisin states Micropole's mission as: vision, advice and implementation.

In order to become a data-driven business, organizations need to start or reevaluate their digital transformations.


In order to help them do this, Micropole assists them in building future-proof, modern dataplatforms that will assure a business can stand the test of time. Professionally available Cloud platforms such as AWS, SAP and, more recently, Microsoft play an essential role in the creation of these data-driven businesses.


As such, the new Microsoft Analytical Center of Excellence (CoE) was launched earlier this year, lead by Wim Haedens. With 20 years of experience in the tech business, his keen insight into the market and a deep passion for technology, Wim proves to be the right choice to lead Micropole down this new & innovative path.


So what can customers expect from the newly launched center?

Wim highlights that at Micropole they do something extroardinary: “We advise what we implement and we implement what we advise”. Before even starting on creating a first technological solution, Micropole’s experts work alongside their clients to set up a clear, strategic vision for their business and its future.


Going business case, per business case (prioritized and evaluated) Micropole succeeds in creating a continuous, added value flow that immediately generates a positive business impact. “That right there, is at the core of everything the experts do at Micropole. We create tangible, added business value,” Paul explains proudly.


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