Friday 15 May 2020

Interview with Paul Kaisin, Director at Micropole Belgium about sales and the influence of Covid-19 on client relationship management

With Covid-19 changing not only daily lives of many employees and businesses, it also changes the relationships between both businesses and clients. Thus, changing the way sales and client relationships are handled both on a short-term as a long-term basis. To address this topic we’ve conducted a short interview with our Director Paul Kaisin, who is in charge of the overall client relationship management and sales operations of Micropole Belgium.


What is your view on the impact of Covid-19 on ‘Sales’?

Selling is not just about signing a contract, it's all about the relationship we have with our clients as a whole. We can, of course, consider that the current crisis we undergo – by that I mean the current pandemic due to Covid-19 - as the most difficult situation we have experienced in our short lives. However, I’m sure we can take this moment to deeper understand our job is about, who we are to our clients and not just simply adapting our sales process because of it.


How have you handled this yourself?

In my case, every morning, when I get up, I ask myself how I can help my client achieve his goals and adapt his strategy even during this unusual period and way of working. The time we now don’t have to spend on the road is, in reality, an opportunity to reinforce our knowledge with extra training, building even more reference cases, sharing our experiences within internal expertise groups, etc.


Have your goals changed during this crisis?

My aim stays the same: being an advisor and guide in helping my clients in using their data to define and adapt their strategy, to better understand their environment, to become more agile, able to make predictions, and adapt their organization.


In what way have you used the current situation to your benefit?

I also see this unexpected situation as being an opportunity to analyze how we do things to ensure added-value is present at every step.  Bringing a unique added-value and experience to our clients’ businesses is always my foremost focus.


Do you have anything else to add?

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank our clients and our teams for the trust and human-centered collaboration we nurture during this period.



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