Friday 8 May 2020

Micropole celebrates its partners – The Microsoft Edition

Micropole celebrates its trusted partners, describing not only the history built between both but also the plans for the future. This week Micropole is keen to talk about an amazing partnership with challengers Microsoft. Read on to discover why Micropole should become your favorite Microsoft partner for your future business needs!


Discover why Micropole Group has been a trusted Microsoft partner for 10+ years

With 10+ years as a certified Microsoft partner, Micropole has successfully handled multiple projects, certified multiple colleagues, and created long-lasting methods that deliver actual business results.

With the status of Microsoft Gold Partner for the entire Micropole Group & over 20+ certifications, our team of senior experts is more than ready to help you create and develop your Microsoft plans.

Whether you’re thinking about migrating your business to the Cloud with Azure, building the right data center approach, or optimizing your data analytics strategy; Micropole has the expertise and certifications in-house to help you achieve your business goals.


Find out what Micropole has in store as a Microsoft Gold Partner for the coming years

We’re not standing still! We are a Microsoft Gold Partner, and planning to evolve, grow and become even better partners in the future.


That’s why we’re focusing on 3 key strategy points for the coming year:

  • Transform projects for companies for which Proof of Concept has been delivered in operational projects.
  • Develop Co-Sell offers together with Microsoft. To do this Micropole will be working with other trusted partners Talend, Jedox, Informatica & Power BI.
  • Focus on more specific regions to broaden our local presence as a Microsoft partner for businesses.

In Belgium, Micropole focuses on the local development of the Microsoft Partnership in Flanders

Especially the last key strategy point is essential in our future growth as a Microsoft Gold Partner. That’s why we’ve recently developed amazing Microsoft expertise teams in Flanders, Brussels & Wallonia, under the leadership of Bart Van Mulders & Thomas Dallemagne.

Together they are transforming the presence of Micropole as a Microsoft partner on the Flemish and Belgian market. In a few months time Thomas and Bart have assembled a senior team of Microsoft Azure Architects, SQL Server BI specialists and data visualization experts with a focus on Power BI and other Microsoft services.

By doing this, we’re not only expanding our reach but answering business needs on a much more local basis. This way we’re offering businesses in Flanders, Brussels & Wallonia the opportunity to work with experienced and innovative people in order to achieve the best possible results for their Microsoft plans.


Meet the Microsoft Lead Experts working at Micropole

Contact Bart Van Mulders to find out more about the Microsoft services and expertise available in Flanders or Thomas Dallemagne for those in Brussels and Wallonia.


  Bart Van Mulders
  Regional Director of Flanders
  Microsoft Partner Expert for the region of Flanders
  E-mail LinkedIn


   Thomas Dallemagne
   Cloud & Data Practice Leader
   Microsoft Partner Expert for the region of Brussels & Wallonia
   E-mail LinkedIn