Thursday 26 March 2020

Interview with Yves Colinet in Solutions Magazine on the impact of covid-19

Yves Colinet, Managing Director, explains how Micropole Belgium handles the current crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.




In a personal interview with Alain de Fooz in Solutions Magazine, Yves Colinet (Managing Director at Micropole Belgium) explains how he feels Covid-19 has impacted the way business gets done during Covid-19.





In this personal interview with Alain de Fooz from Solutions Magazine, Yves Colinet opens up about working from home, the faith he puts in his #InnovativePeople and the surprisingly efficiency he's noticed since the start of the confinement on March 16th, 2020.



While Skyping from a little room up on the first floor for this interview, Yves is calm and down-to-earth about the latest changes that the pandemic has brought about.

"Everyone at Micropole Belgium is facing the same situation, working from home in the most effective way possible."

As a Managing Director, however, he does feel the pressure of his own people and the clients looking up to him for direction and reassurance. It requires him to prepare and anticipate even more than ever before. But it pays off, according to Yves, with days becoming more regulated and generally speaking, more efficiently organized. 



While it might feel contradictory to say, there are benefits to the situation. Teams are generally more rapidly and easily available. Getting to the essence of the matter seems to be easier now, with both colleagues and clients.

But of course, Yves highlights what everyone feels: "At some point or another, we will start to miss those real, in-person moments."



A real change is noticed especially in the way people interact at Micropole, with one another. There is a lot more sharing and listening taking place, without crossing personal boundaries of course. Both the #InnovativePeople working at Micropole and clients, are a lot more open and willing to express what they are feeling and experiencing during these uncertain times. 


"Never before have interpersonal relationships been so important."


Yves mentions seeing a lot more confidence and understanding around since the pandemic has struck in Belgium. People call one another and talk it out. No more sitting around, skirting around the bush but instead people are moving forward and tackling issues head-on.



With plenty of examples, Yves highlights how he views working from home in a completely different light. Where before, Micropole Belgium may not have initiated a long-distance Skype call or held meetings via online tools, after this is all over, that might change.


"This way of working might even become the standard way of operating for certain things!"


With meetings only taking half the time they need to, strict schedules being followed and the faith of clients in these possibilities cemented, it sounds ike the perfect time to do so.



Yves proudly explains how his #InnovativePeople have managed to adapt to these restricting circumstances, in a very rapid manner. The internal WhatsApp group gets a proud mention and seems to be a big part in lifting the spirit internally at Micropole Belgium, by providing everyone a place to share what life is like during Covid-19.


"I'm really impressed by our ability to adapt the way we did. It's simply incredible!"


Read the full interview in Solutions Magazine* here.

*Interview in French.