Thursday 9 January 2020

#CES2020: Recap by #InnovativePeople

With over 170.000 attendees from 160 countries, 250 conference sessions and more than 4.500 exhibiting companies there have been plenty of new innovations at the #CES2020 convention in Las Vegas. Find out what discoveries caught the eye of our #InnovativePeople at the world's biggest technology convention!


#CES2020 – A recap of the most important discoveries by our #InnovativePeople Jérôme Malzac from Micropole and Antoine de Lasteyrie from Wide.



  1. Facial recognition may be a controversial subject still, it’s pretty darn practical when it makes the line at airport customs ten times shorter!

  2. SwissTech is becoming that much more important with interesting solutions for stock rotation shortages and data for facial recognition software by One Visage and underwear that recognizes blood/prostate and lung cancer as well as analyses the body’s health by Icosamed.

  3. IoThinkOfficial has created a solution that allows you to connect and pilot together your entire IoT ‘park’ so to speak whether it’s technology or the connectivity. Through a simple UX with lots of metrics, it’s now possible to manage all IoT data through one interface.

  4. FrenchTech (with more than 150 representatives!) has put the focus on the ‘connected health’, which seems to be a major topic for the entire conference as well.

  5. Pivoting screens don’t only look cool they can be applied for multiple purposes as well.

  6. Screens are found everywhere, especially now that they are pliable! They’ve been spotted attached to walls and integrated into the weirdest places such as handbags even!

  7. A whole hall dedicated to automotive technology solutions. Amongst the innovations, we can find OLED backlights, transparent screens and even an Amazon stand dedicated to the acceleration of mobility. What stood out most was an impressive part reserved for the drone Uber. Are you ready to fly in their next-generation taxi?

  8. Beautiful robotics, even some designs with touches that are more feminine.

  9. A gigantic space dedicated to all things 3D and with a big focus on all the materials that can be used for 3D printing already. The future of 3D printing is here! Any wild ideas for what you would like to see printed?

  10. Smart homes are a big center point of the whole convention with new brands popping up left, right and center. The focus here is put on the connected devices within the home and easy, wireless access to all of them. Connected lights seem to be put most in the spotlight (pun intended) this year.

  11. Even in Consumer Electronics, the cloud is never far away. Important alliances and compatibilities seem to form thanks to it such as between Somfy and Legrand.

  12. Biometrics are accepted so far, but only when they stay within the confines of ‘personal security measures’ such as door locks with facial recognition or fingerprints.