Monday 28 October 2019

ACFT PERFO - A collaborative platform

With extensive experience in the support of the aviation industry, ACFT PERFO provides its customers with airport/obstacle databases and performance software allowing performance calculation for take-off and landing.


This is of the highest importance to airline companies that need to address safety while optimizing direct and recurrent costs such as payload, engine use, and related maintenance.


The real-time tools designed and developed by ACFT PERFO are amongst the best and the most accurate on the market today. They transform real-time obstacle data feeds in a real-time airport and obstacle database, that has been validated by a performance engineering calculation. 


Their challenge

The company was growing fast and quickly identified a clear need on the market: airlines need a collaborative platform, supervised by experts in performance engineering. This platform would offer high availability, scalability, low latency, global presence, a high level of security and the flexibility to package services into solutions based on customer profiles. But ACFT PERFO’s initial solution was made of one relational database and a monolithic application that unfortunately could not address this vision of the future. 


Our solution

ACFT PERFO redeployed the entire solution on AWS, using as much as possible managed services organized in serverless components and orchestrated into micro-services. It is available through a single web interface.



The results

With this full AWS solution, ACFT PERFO will not only disrupt the current market. They will also address a clear need that has been recognized and validated by all key players in the industry. 


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