Friday 9 March 2018

Micropole Belgium launches a Blockchain Lab!

Located within our offices in Zaventem, Micropole’s Blockchain Lab will not only help test and develop new blockchain-enabled undertakings & opportunities for businesses, but is will also be a joint synergy between partners, sharing their experience.

The objective is to enable entrepreneurs, SME’s, organizations and governments reshape around this new arising technology by providing them with an infrastructure for applied research:

  • Investigation on the ability for smart contract creation and execution
  • Co-develop mobile blockchain applications
  • Help highlight policy compliance issues on the blockchain
  • Research and development on the scalability of the blockchain, meaning on transactions’s speed and number of nodes

“In response to the tremendous grip within the community of Entrepreneurs over the last year, we are very happy to launch our Blockchain Lab. Our extensive experience and knowledge in Process Mining and data analytics bring a high added value to our customers. Providing the capabilities to our customers on Blockchain product innovation for example is also an exciting challenge” explains Benoit Tancredi, Blockchain expert at Micropole Belgium.

Blockchain technology is indeed amongst the hottest topics in recent developments of IT science. 

But why?

It can be leveraged to build a customer profile in a much more efficient way. Thanks to the decentralized peer-to-peer network, storing transactions on the blockchain enables them to be managed in a more efficient, immediate, dynamic, automated and secured way.

What else?

“Imagine if you are able to transact directly in full confidence and without any intermediate, it empowers you to bypass any resource-consuming platform. The shift from the Uberization era to the new Blockchainization experience is now well underway! Enterprises who will remain in the top-list of competitors will be the ones that will strategically reshape their business around these latest disruptive technologies.” highlights Yves Colinet, Managing Director of Micropole Belgium.

Our dedicated team of experts work with you to develop your own Blockchain capabilities and help you take this opportunity too. Our expertise goes from identifying the best use cases within your business, assessing their appropriateness, developing proof of concepts and setting up market ready solutions tailored to your specific needs.

If you have any question and wish to have a chat about the lab, you can contact our expert directly. You can also grab the latest disruptive insight from our specialized Blockchain Addicts community.