Wednesday 19 august 2020 | Posted by Bart Van Mulders

Micropole meets Microsoft: “Never waste a good crisis.

Bart Van Mulders speaks about the brave beginnings of Micropole in Flanders and opportunities in times of crisis. These have led to the partnership with Microsoft.

After consciously stepping out of an unfulfilling professional working environment mid-2019, I was proud to announce a new collaboration with Micropole Consulting Belgium early 2020: a challenging but exciting professional journey in the space of analytics. Success was defined as getting up in the morning and going to bed at night and in between doing what I really like to do.


‘Making a buck’ would be a nice side effect.


We started off as a rocket. A collaborative analytics team was built around senior Microsoft BI and Data Visualization consultants with an average seniority of >10 years. Our motto has always been: hiring the best people and keeping them happy, will bring satisfied customers. Of course, satisfied customers bring success. Then, the money will follow.


On the other hand, there is no denying that successfully building a company is a Herculean effort at the best of times. With that in mind, it might seem near impossible to do so when there is a global pandemic shutting down the world’s economy. What we do know is that unlike the global financial crisis of 2008 which pointed to internal problems in our financial markets, COVID-19 represents an external event. So it stands to reason that we should expect a rapid recovery once the crisis subsides — or at least that's what we hope.


Based on this, we calmly differentiated between what we can control and what we can’t, and only focus on the former. We immediately decided that digging in our heels wouldn’t stop the crisis from happening, but it would waste our time and energy.


We worked on a strong positioning, built entirely around the Microsoft Analytical Platform. Optimizing & bringing our customer’s analytical solutions to the Cloud is our core & sole focus.


We are constantly on the look-out for new opportunities and new ways to go-to-market. Our team is building great Microsoft technology-based solutions that will help our customers get more out of their analytics efforts.


A short summary:

  • When our customer’s usage of Power BI increases, the lack of governance and insight are mostly being heavily overlooked. This causes an inefficient outflow of resources being left unchallenged. Proper governance becomes accessible only when insight into the entire environment is possible. With these challenges in mind, Micropole developed The Power BI Insights Tool.
  • We will shortly launch a series of Azure Analytics webinars where 2 great advantages to speed up our customer’s Azure Cloud Migration efforts will be highlighted.
  • Our 360° A2C Approach for efficient Cloud Migrations that not only focuses on technology but also offers strong guidelines on change management for both business processes & and people that are involved.
  • Our Azure DataVault 2.0 Generator.


Sometimes a crisis can change entire companies.


We accept that we need to adapt to change and keep looking for opportunities that will improve our customers' lives. Instead of second-guessing the way we performed, we are turning what ‘seems’ to be the adversity into our best friend. We look for the lesson to learn, dare to follow our intuition & stick to our values.


Early September we will kick-off our sales cycle together with the Microsoft Partner Team.


"What we wish for will follow."


We are looking forward to share it with you in the very near future, so stay tuned!