Wednesday 19 August 2020 | Posted by Bart Van Mulders

Micropole meets Microsoft: “Never waste a good crisis.

Bart Van Mulders speaks about the brave beginnings of Micropole in Flanders and opportunities in times of crisis. These have led to the partnership with Microsoft.

Tuesday 4 August 2020 | Posted by Kenny Minnebo

Insight on your Power BI usage should optimize your capacity, right?

Micropole’s BI expert Kenny elaborates on a performance management challenge he frequently encounters, working within self-service Power BI environments.

Thursday 30 July 2020 | Posted by Kirsten Van Huffel

Why the data visualizations are telling us different stories about Covid-19

Dataviz should help us understand the current pandemic, but do they tell the right story? Aagje speaks her mind about the sense and non-sense of data visualisations, and data immaturity. What can we learn?

Friday 19 June 2020 | Posted by Kirsten Van Huffel

What you need to remember from the AWS Online Summit of 2020

This year a special edition of the AWS Summit was organized to keep in line with all the recent regulations and safety precautions around physical events. If you wanted to catch the keynote speeches of Werner Vogels (CTO of Amazon) or Andy Jassy (CEO of Amazon Web Services), you had to register and sign in on a new online platform, created just for this occasion. That way you could follow their interesting sessions online. Our #InnovativePeople were there, making sure to capture the most important things that were said to share them with you.